Sundays are made for napping

I truly believe that Sundays are made for napping. Ever since I was a little girl, Sunday naps have been a part of my routine. I get really grouchy without my nap. And THAT is not a pretty sight. Naps solve so many of life's problems. When Alex was little I would tell him that the only way to get rid of the "grumpies" was to take a nap. You see "grumpies" don't like naps and if you take a nap the "grumpies" have to leave. Works every time.

So today's blessings are:
  • Naps, naps, naps
  • An incredible Student Choir
  • An awesomle Student Choir director
  • My son worshipping through the music at church today
  • The fact that he shared with me how the music touched him