Thursday, July 25, 2013

You are Finished

We all have things we love to do, areas we love to serve, people we hate to leave behind...

What if .........your work is done, the service is ended, and you have to leave?

The last day of VBS was a bittersweet day. Two of our team members were sick, another stayed behind to take care of them.  We all pulled together to cover the deficit. At the end of the day, we had our debriefing time.

The church's July pastor reminded us that what we had accomplished during the week was not limited to the children we touched. They would go home and share with their families. The families would share with friends, co-workers, each other. The families would also return home, to their respective countries and share what happened to their child at VBS.

"For God so loved the WORLD..." The world we touched for four days in four rooms of an international church that meets in a hotel. The seeds that were planted, the WORD would spread to the WORLD!




During this time of sharing, the LORD spoke to me very clearly and audibly..."You are finished."

The tears of joy I was shedding, briefly turned into tears of sadness and grief, for me. But then turned to tears of thankfulness and gratitude to our gracious LORD for allowing me to go the CHINA, not once, not twice, BUT THREE times!

THREE times a dream fulfilled! THREE times expectations exceeded!

I know my time of service in China is over, but my love for the Chinese people will never end.
I may have physically left my friends behind, but they are easily accessible via blogs, Flickr, FB, etc.
I know my GOD has more in store for me.

THANK YOU! is so inadequate.

Monday, July 15, 2013

R U Ready for some VBS?

Bus ride to church.

Team meeting and introductions.

Team challenge - Did you see Jesus today?


VBS prep - hang decorations, hole punch 600+ pieces of paper, cut stickers, assemble craft bags, select costumes for skits, run through music, set up story rooms.

3 pm leave church for eating and shopping and eating and shopping.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Church at BICF

Beautiful Day

Celebration service at BICF.

Incredible Praise and Worship!

Szechuan Lunch and then  THE DIRT MARKET! (Think Canton only dirtier and more crowded)!

All kinds of treasures just waiting to go home with us!

July afternoon in an outdoor market.... can you say, "Hot as Texas?"

Long Island Spa for a Professional Foot Massage and dinner. I use the term massage loosely. It is serious muscle violation! Upside, the watermelon juice is AWESOME!!!!!

Then home to recuperate and Bed!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Safe arrival to wonderful friends!

SS & Jane Teo

Eva, Jerry & Jesper Jiang

Allison Nipp

Off to dinner - Peking duck at Dayali - YUM

AND a Beijing Xinyue Birthday cake

AND a crown!

The birthday celebration continues - around the world!

Then to bed before we all are face down in our cake.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthday flight to China

  FRI                                                     04HR 05MIN
         AR SEATTLE TACOMA    1125A
                                                          11HR 55MIN
         AR BEIJING           455P   13JUL13              


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Turning 51 on the way to Beijing

Traveled to Dallas with friends to spend the night before embarking on my THIRD trip to China! Had dinner at Aspen Creek and was serenaded (loudly by the wait staff).
I don't know, but I've been told
Someone here is getting old!
I don't know, but it's been said,
Someone's face is turning red!
to YOU!
Oh, it's gonna be a great birthday!