I Have a Hole in my Kitchen Floor

It started 2 days ago with warm spot in the kitchen floor. Don't worry, I said. I'm sure it's just because the DW finished. by last night we KNEW it wasn't the DW. Leak under the slab from the HW heater.

So my friends from C Woods came to give me the good news. Yes, there is a leak, thankfully it was good copper pipe and could be repaired. We don't have to re-plumb the entire house. PTL!!!

So this morning, I've been serenaded by a concrete drill, a jack hammer and a water vac. There's a pile of mud in my kitchen and it's draped in plastic. But when it's all over the leak will be repaired and HW will once again flow.

So today, I'm thankful for plumbers, good copper pipes and laminate floors!


  1. Oh man! What a mess!!! But what a blessing that it wasn't worse!!! Wowser!!!


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