Sunday, August 29, 2010

Driver's Ed and the Flat Tire

So today was hour 3 of the Driver's Ed Behind the Wheel. We did great until the the last five minutes. While rounding a cul de sac, Alex mistook the accelarator for the brake. OOPS! Thankfully it was only a slight surge, but we still managed to pop the curve and land in someone's front yard. Thank goodness for God, Mom and the emergency brake. No foliage, fences or small animals were harmed. The only casualty was the left front tire and it needed replacing anyway.

Wish I could say that was the worst part. NOT, we had to change the tire. Dad arrived and we tried, with the help of neighbors,to no avail  to remove the tire. We finally came home,  just down the street, retreived a HAMMER and WD 40. After many squirts and even more pounding with hammer we finally removed the lug nuts!  PLEASE!

On went the skinny tire - FLAT! Off to the Wal-store. New tire. Back to the car. Remove spare. New tire. Finally home. Time elapsed - 2 hours. WHEW!

Can hardly wait for hour 4 of  Behind the Wheel!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

My sweet granddaughter and her beautiful mom. They had a great day (or at least one of them did).  Emilie, the kindergartener, shooed her mom and dad out the door of her class and can't wait to go back tomorrow.  Can't wait to get all the details. She made lots of friends, no names retained, but she has lots of them.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Finally! Our first adventure behind the wheel.

BTW, we were parked when I took the photos.  He did so GREAT! I am so proud of him. Promised I wouldn't post on FB didn't say anything about the Blog. 

I am and always will be "The Queen."

Friday, August 13, 2010

The NEW bed

OK, Keith and I have needed a new mattress for a while. So, we went shopping.  Knowing that mattress size (height) had increased in the 13 years since our last purchase, we knew that the height of our bed would increase.  We bought new sheets and waited for delivery. 

Now, we have an antique iron bed that belonged to my grandparents and my parents. It's probably my only sentimental piece of furniture. It's only full-size, but I can't bring myself to purchase another one. Suffice it to say, the base of our bed starts off around 15 inches off the ground.

The delivery men arrived and carted out the old set. As they are getting ready to place the mattress on the box springs, one of them states, "Lady, this is going to be really tall."  I replied, "Oh, I know."  HA - understatement!

They left and I burst into hysterial laughter. Yep, it's tall alright!
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The top of the mattress comes to my HIPS and rises above the footboard. Notice, the nightside table, it comes to the bottom of the mattress.  But, I love it. Oh my, it has about 6 inches of foam on top and I feel like a princess.  Keith says its like having a table in the room because it's so tall.

So that's our adventure this week.