No, It's Not a self appointed title!

"The Queen of Everything" or just Queen was bestowed upon me by my co-workers many years ago.  It seems, for some first-born, people pleaser, can't say "no" way, I was the "go-to girl."  The title came by floral delivery on Administrative Assistants Day about 15 years ago. And it has stuck ever since. It is great fun and IF I ever have to look for another job, I think I'll list it as my job title.

In actuality, I am the assistant to the Associate Pastor for Worship at our church. We have over 500 adult choir members and office has a staff of 9. It is great fun and absolutely the BEST job I've ever had.

As for the Frat House mom title, I have 5 men in my office and 2 at home. You tell me if it's an accurate title?!