EMINISCE - To recollect and tell of past experiences or events.

This weekend  I spent time uploading photos to my FB page. I'm talking archival photos from 1972 - 1980. A looong time ago.  It's funny that a lot of my friends tell me I haven't changed a bit. But oh, how wrong they are. I can see the signs of youth that are no longer evident. I know the heart of the person in the photos and the heart of the person now. I see the fear that I had of the unknown and know that I've faced many of those fears and won.

I see an exclusive person who hopefully has become an inclusive one. I see a mask that has hopefully become transparent. I also see someone who was spiritually immature and who is growing (hopefully) closer to God each day.
I see someone who thought she had her whole life planned but who didn't count on God having other plans. OH, how happy I am that he did.

Reminisce - a nice place to visit to see how far GOD has brought me.