The Study of Isaiah and "Hear Us From Heaven"

For several years one of my dear friends has been encouraging me to come to BSF. ( She and the LORD finally caught me this year for the study of Isaiah. It's only week 3 and I can hardly wait for Monday nights to come so I can go delve deeper into the LORD's word. 

Today this book came to life to me throught the words of the song, "Hear Us From Heaven".
Lord, hear our cry
Come heal our land
Breath life into these dry and thirsty souls
Lord, hear our prayer
Forgive our sin
And as we call on your name
Would you make this a place
For your glory to dwell

Open the blind eyes
Unlock the deaf ears
Come to your people
As we draw near
Hear us from heaven
Touch our generation
We are your people
Crying out in desperation

Hear us from heaven,
Hear us from heaven,
Hear us from heaven

Our different our lives would be if this were our cry. It is what GOD wanted for Israel and Judah and what HE wants for "cry out in desperation."