Driver's Ed Redux

So today was redemption day for Alex. He did beautifully. Mastered the cul-de-sac and speeds up to 30 mph. I am so proud of him.  BTW, the blow out incident of last week was a bit more costly than initially anticipated. Doesn't it always??  After having the tires realigned, I was strongly encouraged to purchase a matching front tire for the right side. Otherwise, my front wheel drive car would continue to pull to the right. Sort of like favoring a bum leg. I might have been skepitcal, but the mechanic (Automotive and Moore) wasn't trying to sell me a tire from his shop.
I highly recommend them. They were quick, nice, reasonably priced and took extra care to call me before doing anything to the car.
I'm still thankful that no one was injured. I must say he was much more alert today. Way to go Alex!