Project 1 & Project 2

Never one to squander time off by just sitting, I of course need a project. It's a curse and drives my husband a little crazy.  So the beginning of this week's projects were my bathtub and kitchen counters.  The plumber who repaired my hot water leak told me how to refinish my cast iron tub. I figured "what could it hurt?" It sure couldn't look any worse. So after sanding, spraying, sanding, spraying, sanding, spraying.... we have

Not bad for $14 in paint and $15 in supplies. The fumes were a little much since the bathroom is not very large and I did end up coating the bottom of my feet in overspray.....but I think it was worth it. Sorry I didn't think to take a before picture, suffice it to say it did not look like this. Pitted and stained.

So on the Project 2 the kitchen counters. I have hated my counter tops forever, so when I saw that Rustoleum had this new laminate paint, I thought, "What the heck, can't make it any worse!" I did take a before picture. The faux butcher block.

TA - DA the new, improved Clay finish.

I'm thinking, not bad for $20. Of course it's going to take all week, because I can only do it in sections and it takes 3 days to totally cure. But beats new tops!!!

All in all a very productive 1st day. Who knows, maybe I can read that book now.
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