Birthday wishes and Blessings!

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So today,  I am 48 years of age. I refuse to say "old." #1, I don't feel old & #2, my friends say I don't look old. But of course, I pay them to say that. HA!

So anyway, I have had more FB birthday wishes than I can count. Way more than 1 per year of my birth. How humbling, to me, to receive so many happy wishes.  I am truly blessed. My friends have been celebrating since last Thursday and the party plans to continue through next week.
Heck, it could be next month before we're done. How fun is that? Thought I'd share a few of my b'day prizes.
Wonderful, bejeweled sandals from my friend, Joni

Bracelet from my friend Laurie, who also gave me earrings that match. Earrings from my friend Kelli, she also gave me another pair as well.

Charm bracelet from my charming husband. More charms to come.
Flowers from Pam, Vase from Mavita.

Book from Judy, wall hook from Mavita.

See, I told you I was blessed.
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