You are Finished

We all have things we love to do, areas we love to serve, people we hate to leave behind...

What if .........your work is done, the service is ended, and you have to leave?

The last day of VBS was a bittersweet day. Two of our team members were sick, another stayed behind to take care of them.  We all pulled together to cover the deficit. At the end of the day, we had our debriefing time.

The church's July pastor reminded us that what we had accomplished during the week was not limited to the children we touched. They would go home and share with their families. The families would share with friends, co-workers, each other. The families would also return home, to their respective countries and share what happened to their child at VBS.

"For God so loved the WORLD..." The world we touched for four days in four rooms of an international church that meets in a hotel. The seeds that were planted, the WORD would spread to the WORLD!




During this time of sharing, the LORD spoke to me very clearly and audibly..."You are finished."

The tears of joy I was shedding, briefly turned into tears of sadness and grief, for me. But then turned to tears of thankfulness and gratitude to our gracious LORD for allowing me to go the CHINA, not once, not twice, BUT THREE times!

THREE times a dream fulfilled! THREE times expectations exceeded!

I know my time of service in China is over, but my love for the Chinese people will never end.
I may have physically left my friends behind, but they are easily accessible via blogs, Flickr, FB, etc.
I know my GOD has more in store for me.

THANK YOU! is so inadequate.