It seems like summer was way too short again this year. It doesn't help that we begin getting ready for "I Love America" in April. Before we know it the summer has ended and school begins.
More firsts this Fall. Alex begins college at TJC. He will be marching in the band and taking 14 hours. Hardly seems real to me.
This is the first time I don't have to sign permission slips, waiver forms or school trip releases. WOW!

I had told him if he made the band I would purchase him an iPod. After much coaxing, I got him to agree to an iPad instead. He paid for 1/2 with his graduation money. I surprised him with it this week. Ordered it online and had his name engraved on it and the case.
It's really cool! And now I want one!

Our summer was fairly boring. Keith was off recovering from hernia surgery and Alex was home, sleeping all day and playing all night. After "I Love America" I was able to take a mission trip to Beijing for 10 days! The absolute highlight of my summer. Eleven of us went to assist with VBS. We had 97 children and an absolute blast.

We stayed in private homes and loved getting to know our hosts and their families. This was my 2nd trip and I would go back tomorrow. Can't you tell?
LOVE these boys!

While we were there, Beijing had the most rain in over 60 years! It flooded everywhere we were that day. The next day, Sunday, was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The clearest skies we had the entire trip. Worship was truly a preview of heaven. All nations worshipping our LORD together. We didn't want it to end.

Hopefully, a little bit of Beijing will be coming here soon. One of our families is trying to send their 15 year old son to Tyler to go to high school.
He has place to live, just sorting out all the paperwork to get him here. Hope to see him the first of Sept.

That's our summer, hope yours is going well!