January 14, 2011 - Belles Dance
First Dance
First Date
First Tuxedo
This event started on his 18th birthday with an invitation to the dance. The girls invited the boys. One of our friends, who is the choir teacher at REL, was sent to ask him during band. They happened to be rehearsing for their Christmas concert in the auditorium.
The young lady is in the school choir which is why our friend was involved. He of course called me immediately to let me know what was happening. it's a good thing as it took until after 9 pm that night for Alex to actually let us know what happened!
Finally dance night arrived. He and I drive out to their house followed by Keith. We all met and chatted. then came came picture time.
Her mom pinned on his boutonniere.

After some alterations to the wrist corsage, we were ready. At least the parents were!

Little nervous at first, but by the time they got to a friend's house.....

 Little more relaxed!!!
From what I've heard, he had "a great time" and she "had a blast!" I am one happy mama!