I've been thinking about what this day means to me. Twenty-two years ago I became a "mom". Technically a step-mom, but a mom none the less. While I didn't have to feed her or change her diapers, I was a new mom. I couldn't have asked for a better beginning for my motherhood.
My new daughter was loving and accepting of the strange new woman in her life. God knew I needed her to accustom me to this new adventure in my life. Along with her biological parents, I have seen her through the teenage years, dating, driving, first love, broken heart, gradulation, first job, true love, marriage and her own motherhood!   I was there when she steped into the baptimal waters and there when her dads walked her down the aisle. What joy it has been and will continue to be.
He was our Christmas present that year (1993). He came into our lives - large & in charge 9 lbs 15 oz! He ate well, slept well and was all around wonderful.
By age 3 we knew we had our hands full and went a period of testing, IQ, personality, ADHD.... He tested our patience and sanity, but increased our prayer life. After 4 years of varying meds and yet more testing ...Asberger's was the final diagnosis. What a blessing that was!

He wasn't troubled, he was unique. He wasn't antisocial on purpose, he needed time to accept others into his life. He wasn't trying to be difficult, he was trying to process and adapt.
Through trial & error, dedicated teachers and specific summer activities with others like him, I have an incredible 17 year old. We are traversing the teenage years with as much grace and mercy and we can. I see a wonderful young man beginning to emerge.

That's what motherhood means to me.